Attending Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on an Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship, Peter Sukits earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Along with participating in ROTC, Peter Sukits also played as a starting pitcher on the University’s baseball team, served as a Resident Assistant, and was a Founding Brother of the Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity.

Upon graduation, Mr. Sukits entered the United States Army as a Fire Direction Officer, earning training on how to perform complex calculations to control the bearing and timing of artillery fire to support combat troops in the field. Stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Peter Sukits supervised teams involved in field training exercises. Superior evaluations in these training exercises earned his team the title “Best Fire Direction Center.” At Fort Bragg, Mr. Sukits also led a security team in specialized training that resulted in early team certification for overseas contingency operations.

In 2009, the Army deployed Peter Sukits to Afghanistan as a Platoon Leader in Operation Enduring Freedom where he led 39 soldiers in garrison and field combat. While stationed there, he oversaw the use of two howitzers valued at more than $7 million. He also developed a supply chain system for 30 percent of artillery ammunition transporting across five provinces within the country.

The Army promoted him to the position of battalion level Operations Officer in 2009. In this new position, he served as the third senior officer of 400 soldiers. In 2010, Peter Sukits took the position of Gunnery Instructor, teaching fire control in manual and field artillery gunnery to new Army and Marine Corps second lieutenants. His students rated him well, and Peter Sukits received the class “Best Instructor” award.

Along with service to his country, Peter Sukits also contributes to his community. To that end, he is engaged in multiple charitable activities including Save the Children as well as Loaves and Fishes. In his spare time, he enjoys exercising, golf, jazz music, and gourmet cooking. He currently is attending Cornell University to earn his MBA in Managerial Finance.


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